apartment claims recovery

The nature of a rental dwelling includes increased exposure to liability, property damage, and loss of profitability.

When a property owner rents his property to tenants he cannot control the myriad of values (or lack thereof) that tenants or their guests maintain. Exposure to property damage is real and constant.

Fast and equitable recovery is paramount. Improperly handled, it can result in a loss to business income as well as value to the property.

Sipe Adjustment Group is recognized as a leader in apartment claim recovery. We are proud to reveal that these larger losses come to us through recommendations and general awareness of our successes and expertise. We typically handle large losses in excess of one million dollars.

A quote from a long time owner of a large apartment complex in New Jersey who has suffered many losses and is experienced in using different Public Adjusters: "You may just be the best Public Adjuster in New Jersey!"

Sipe Adjustment Group is a large-loss expert specializing in commercial claims for apartment buildings, condominiums and other multiple occupancy sites.

Allow us to become acquainted before a loss occurs. At your request, we will come to your property and prepare a survey. This survey will cost you nothing and will allow us both to be prepared in the event of a loss. It will be worthwhile to get to know us and to learn about possible issues before they occur. We will maintain a file for your property exclusively, and will be immediately prepared in the event of a loss. There is no obligation and this is a win/win situation for you.

What sets us apart?

Adjuster for Insurance Claims

The high degree of integrity, ethical and professional standards with which we handle your unique claim.

We know that in this time of crisis, protecting your needs and representing you with dignity is our top priority.

Claims Adjustment

Thorough, responsive, expedient service.

We act fast to petition your insurance carrier for a cash advance for emergency expenses, arrange for immediate replacement housing to minimize disruption of your lifestyle, retain service providers to board up, winterize and secure your home.

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In-depth attention to detail and comprehensive inventory analysis.

We obtain all necessary lien searches, conduct a painstakingly thorough assessment of your damage and inventory of belongings, plus utilize the most accurate, up-to-date resources and references to streamline your personal property claim.

public adjuster

The most personalized, attentive care.

We take a family-oriented approach to your needs, making ourselves available to you 24/7 to answer questions, address concerns, and move your claim forward.

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Unparalleled expertise and results.

Proven knowledge, experience and accountability to our clients are key to our continued success. We expertly navigate all dealings with insurance company representatives as well as general contractors to ensure a complete and appropriate recovery in the least amount of time.


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